Hello! I’m Sara Alemán. I grew up in Syracuse, New York and am a member of a small nuclear family and a large extended Puerto Rican Family.


I have traveled considerably in Latin America and have lived in Mexico. A few of my most beloved cities are Puebla, Havana, and San Juan.



I’ve always been a writer at heart, starting with my aspirations to “become” Langston Hughes in fourth grade. I wrote poetry exclusively for years, and then started honing my prose writing in college and grad school.

When not writing, I spend as much time as I can outdoors with my son. We love hiking in El Yunque in Puerto Rico together, riding horses in Mexico, swimming or kayaking in Adirondack Lakes, biking, and spotting bald eagles in the Hudson Valley, where we live.


At home, I love cooking (maybe some recipes will find their way into my writing soon), playing the piano, learning new instruments (currently cello, but I’m a passable on the guitar, bagpipe chanter, xylophone, and marimba), studying languages, and spending time with my three cats.


I  hope this site helps you get to know me better. I will be adding exciting news as we go along together. In the meantime, in the sidebars you can find a few of the most thought-provoking or touching lines I have read lately. On the Blog you’ll see what’s on my mind. And of course, you can always get in touch with me on the Contact page.

Thank you for visiting!